Operator Interface (HMI)

HMI is the interface between the equipment and the operator. There are lots of devices used for this purpose, touch screens, pushbutton panels, and graphics screens, and in some cases PC's.

Operator's performance improves dramatically when they are equipped with functional tools for process set-up, process monitoring, and diagnostics. The layout of screens and the organization of data being displayed play a key roll in making the operator interaction with process effective. Intuitive navigation between screens and consistent methods of displaying large amount of data in an organized manner facilitates quick training and familiarization with the process.

Selecting the right colors for the HMI to display process equipment, operating status, parameter's animation and numerical data adds an important dimension to the definition, "user friendly interface"

Extensive use of touch-screens permit minimization of control consoles and reduction of hardwired devices. To maintain a "feel" for manual manipulation of equipment, multiplexed Joy-Sticks are available to the operator.

Thrust Automation has an extensive knowledge and experience in developing user operator interfaces. We listen to the operators and get them involved in defining the fine points of operator's control environment. Effective control interface leads to higher product quality and increased production.

Moreover, the HMI is not only for displaying the objects, it will do real time monitoring ( Trends), alarming, data winterization and reporting for optimized process.