SCADA Systems

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition or SCADA systems are possibly the fastest advancing areas of the various industries today ( Water, Oil & GAS, Sewage, ,etc.). Here at Thrust Automation we strive to be at the forefront of controls and automation technology. We have the capability to incorporate the latest PLC and SCADA technology into any of our control panels.

Our SCADA systems are configured to the customers requirements by our own staff and range from simple Human-Machine Interfaces to complete monitoring and control systems.

We Complete SCADA system design, build, and integration capabilities for remote control & monitoring over radio, phone, and various communication networks.

Features include:

  1. Wireless communications (spread spectrum radio) site survey.
  2. RTU design, supply and programming
  3. Leased line, fiber optics, and satellite communication support.
  4. Software integration for various HMI / SCADA software vendors ( Wonderware In Touch /SIEMENS Wincc ).
  5. Windows CE / NT / 2000 / XT OS platform support.
  6. Embedded displays and PC hardware support.
  7. Graphical animation of process data.
  8. Calibration, I/O status, communication status, and recipe control screens.
  9. Multiple security levels for screens and displays.
  10. Process data entry (process and alarm data setpoints).
  11. Alarm summary and alarm logging (DBF, ODBC).
  12. Messaging (pager, fax, e-mail, phone, audio & visual alarm annunciation).
  13. Trending of process data.
  14. Data logging of process data (DBF, ODBC).
  15. VB & VBA programming (interface to 3rd party windows applications).
  16. Client-server configuration (thin client support).
  17. Multimedia interface (audio / video).
  18. Internet access and web server applications.
  19. Industrial network communication for multi-vendor support with OPC
  20. Communication protocols (Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus, DNP3 others).

Thrust Automation has Experience on SINUT ST7 ( SIEMENS ) and Archestra system from Wonderware, but other types of SCADA systems can be accommodated.